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Health Promotion

Physical Activity:

Mental Health Promotion:

Healthy Lifestyle:

Chronic disease risk factors:

Chronic disease risk factors Atlas:

Health Literacy

Mental Health:

Improving your Mental Health

Diabetes :

How to prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Reducing the risk of Diabetes

Cancer :

  • Reducing your risk to develop a cancer: Prevention and screening

Stop cancer before it starts 

Interactive prevention tool

 Prostate Cancer : Understanding the diagnosis

The useful information in this brochure can help you and your close family to control this new reality in your life – prostate cancer.

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Breast Cancer: Understanding your diagnosis


The useful information in this brochure can help you and your close family to control this new reality in your life – breast cancer.

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Cardiovascular disease:

Heart disease in Canada

Minimizing the risks of  cardiovascular disease

  • Are women at risk for heart disease?

  • How women can have healthy hearts?

Stroke (CVA):

  • Stroke in Canada : ActFAST

Stroke Prevention

  • Canadian Stroke Strategy

Life after a stroke

High blood pressure:

Reducing risks of high blood pressure

Obesity :                                                             

Child obesity

Videos :

Get involved  and change the future of breast

Video Promote healthy weigh (2012) :


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