Prevention to live in harmony and in good health

Programs and Services

Workshops Meetings

  • Prevention and self-management of diabetes and obesity;
  • Prevention of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke;
  • Prevention of cancers and uterine fibrosis;
  • Support group for cancer or stroke survivors;
  • Mental health and addictions to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes;
  • Promotion of lifestyle change;
  • nutrition advice;
  • Access to health information and support in the native language;
    Screening and referral programs to diagnostic and treatment centers


Our Activities

  • Community awareness of chronic diseases;
  • Educational workshops and information sessions on heart disease, diabetes, cancer, uterine fibrosis, and nutrition;
  • Promotion of physical activity
  • Promoting good eating habits
  • Information and support in the original language;
  • referral of patients to diagnostic and treatment services;
  • Organization of appointments for cancer screening.
  • Organization of community health fairs;
  • Advice and follow-up care;
  • Listening and advice to families (conflict resolution, mediation)
  • Distribution of educational materials at events organized by Africans and Caribbeans;
  • Raising community awareness of mental health issues (stress, anxiety, and depression) and addiction to drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol;
  • Support group for the seriously ill.
  • Partnerships and collaborations;