Prevention to live in harmony and in good health
Our Projects And Initiatives Our Projects And Initiatives

Our Projects And Initiatives

Health education and communication integrated into community action are effective approaches to problems solving.

Moral and/or material support for people in need

  • Care of convalescents, lonely people, and elders;
  • Visits to hospitalized people;
  • Telephone counseling for people in distress;
  • Awareness and encouragement of members to participate in cultural and recreational activities;
  • Visits to inmates in detention centers
  • Transition Housing;

CBEP will set up a management program of transition houses for ethnocultural delinquents in rehabilitation. We focus on social reintegration through education and employment.

The clients receive specialized support to prevent relapse, develop vital skills, healthy relationships, and training for employment and education.

The mission and the objective of these transition houses are to supply an environment where the ethnocultural delinquents can undertake a process of rehabilitation and return to their families and society for a significant and productive lifestyle.

The program and the services are intended for men and women and their families