Prevention to live in harmony and in good health
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Who We Are

The immigrants of African origin and Afro Caribbean-may suffer from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases much more than the rest of the Canadian population. Several studies have shown that their state of health deteriorates and becomes more alarming with the duration of their stay in Canada.

The center of well-being and prevention for African-Canadians from Alberta (the CBEP) is a non-profit organization that targets the prevention and awareness devoted to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, mental illness, and social reintegration by a Community approach that takes account of the cultural sensitivities of each group of African-Canadian communities of Alberta and various partnerships.

The Center for prevention wants to be a key organization that wants to raise the awareness of members of immigrant communities on these health issues and develop programs of health education, health promotion, prevention, and early detection of chronic diseases.

Our Objectives

  • Reduce the very high prevalence of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers among high-risk African Canadians through the adoption of a culturally appropriate lifestyle.
  • Establish community outreach programs on health issues affecting African Canadians with an emphasis on health education and promotion, chronic disease prevention, early detection, and information service and benchmark for patients and research.
  • Promote access to public health expertise through community workshops and training activities.
  • To provide a long-term care setting that is culturally adapted to the needs of African-Canadian seniors.
  • Promote international collaboration, ensuring the exchange and transfer of knowledge.
  • Create partnerships with state institutions, health organizations, religious communities, and community organizations in order to follow the evolution of the healthcare needs of the communities.
  • Provide affordable and/or transitional housing to members in need.